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Board members of the C.O.P.I.T.N – Southern Spain:

Managing Director: Jose Carlos García Sánchez

Assistant Director: Mohamed El Ahrach Nasser

Treasurer: Mohamed El Ahrach Nasser

Board Member I: Juan A. Armenta Jiménez

Board Member II: Mª Carmen Sánchez Atanasio

Board Member III: Rafael A. Martín de la Escalera Hernández

C.O.P.I.T.N. Organization

The offices of the National Association are located in Madrid where they coexist with the regional branch. The other three regional branches are located in Ferrol (Northern Spain), Barcelona (Eastern Spain) and Cádiz (Southern Spain).

Association of B.Eng Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Delegación Andalucía
CEEI Centro de empresas / Planta 1 - local 8
C/. Bizcocheros, 2 11402 JEREZ (CÁDIZ)
Phone: +34 633 237 224
Email: copitn@copitn.com
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